What Is Dance? Process Of Dance

What is dance? Up-to-date accurate information about dance development process. The name given to regular body movements that are made in accordance with the music tempo and have aesthetic value. Dance is the first artistic act in human history. Before people, music, painting, poetry or theater; they caught expressiveness with dance. Immediately after that, other artistic actions began to appear rapidly. Painting followed it with poetry, music, and then theater. These new actions fueled the dance and all of them turned into rituals, regular performances of blessings. It led people to dance the sacred holy beliefs and to watch these dances. In time, all kinds of important events such as death, birth, harvest, war, hunting, the situation that somehow needed to reach the gods, people forced them to organize ceremonies. Movement, or dance, became the main transmission medium of such celebrations.

He described his feelings; Dance expressions to get emotional or heal this. People danced at their party, with their own movements, according to their own culture.

In addition to the fact that dance is an art in the academic environment, that is, an action performed by the public in entertainment and rituals, it also takes a "theatrical" form at a very late period. XIV. Louis, France, for the first time as a theater that was free from words and turned into a movement language.

It has turned into a very intriguing, highly money-spent aristocratic delight. But it soon spread to tent theaters.

Dance as an art is not evolving very rapidly in about 4,000 years. Ballet, modern ballet, neo-classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, dance theater, video-dance, new dance, postmodern dance; unforgettable works, unforgettable turned out. Today, genres and teachings are intertwined. Dance has become a very colorful industry.

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