What are the types of dance? Information about dance types and names

Dance is one of the most important cultures that people cannot give up in common. So much so that Mankind has not stopped dancing since the day he stood up. So what are the types of dance? Information about dance types and names.

Over the centuries, dance has developed steadily and has been divided into different genres. Each type reflects its unique culture within a particular region. There are popular and special dances that have become famous around the world especially in this regard. These dances are divided into different genres.

Samba Dance

It is a fun dance performed by bending the knees accompanied by moving rhythms. It is a type of dance, also known as Brazilian dance, where hip movements are especially prominent. That's why many people dance Samba in Brazil every year at the Rio carnival.


Tango is known as the dance of love and passion. This dance genre, which is especially well-known in Argentina, has transferred its own culture all over the world over time. Preferred by passionate and melancholic dancers, Tango has now gained a universal character and has different sub-types.


Tarantella, which originated in Italy in the 15th century, has interesting information as its origin story. It is rumored that he came out of people who were stung by the Tarantula and who danced hysterically in order to expel the venom through sweat. It stands out as a dance played mostly with mandolin.


It stands out as a charismatic dance by holding the couples tightly to each other and turning in a certain point or arc. It is also among the dances that have inspired many arts because it creates a very impressive vision.

Rock and roll

It originated in the USA in the early 1950s and is one of the most important species that swept the world. Thus, along with this music, rock and roll dance entered the genres. It is a lively and fun dance performed by swinging, rolling and jumping. It is among the dances that are dealt with by many people letting themselves into the rhythm of the music and dancing freely and wildly.


Salsa is actually a type of sauce created by mixing various spices. Likewise, this dance type performed between couples is a beautiful dance that is formed over the mixture of America, Europe and the Caribbean, just like sauce. Salsa is better known as a freestyle dance featuring improvised figures. There are no repetitions in this dance, and it must be said that there are many different types.

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