The Last 10 Dancers Who Won The Red Bull BC One Dance Competition

Updated: Jan 9

Who are the last 10 dancers to win the Red Bull BC One dance competition? We have compiled the last 10 dancers who won the Red Bull BC One dance competition for you.

Red Bull BC One is the world's largest one-on-one break dance competition. This contest, which was organized for the first time in 2004 and continues to the present day, is known as the best dance competition in the world, with hip hop and break dance culture. Many dancers from different countries are struggling to win the red bull bc one dance competition. So who are the winning dancers of the last 10 years? What dancers did they face in the final round?

Being the first in Red Bull BC One means reaching the top in the most comprehensive competition in the world. So winning the red bull bc one means proving that you are the best dancer in the world. So who has achieved this success in the last 10 years and how? We remember the final stage of the world champions of the last 10 years with exciting moments!

Neguin, 2010

Neguin (Brazil) vs Just Do it

The Red Bull BC One 2010 world finale took place at the Yoyogi stadium in Tokyo, where 16 b-boys clashed to prove themselves the best. Tsunami Crew member Neguin took the championship belt home. The dancer, who still actively participates in competitions and shows, is considered among the best in the world.

Roxrite, 2011

Lil G (Venezuelan) vs Roxrite (Mexican)

Lil G and Roxrite go head to head in the final battle to see who will be crowned the winner of Red Bull BC One 2011 in Moscow, Russia.

Roxrite took the first place after facing Venezuelan Lil G in the final in Moscow. This was his fourth time in the competition. Roxrite is ranked among the best dancers in the world.

Mounir, 2012

B-Boy Mounir (France) vs B-Boy Differ (South Korean)

B-Boy Mounir and B-Boy Differ face-off in the final round of the 2012 Red Bull BC One in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mounir, a member of Vagabonds Crew, who faced Bboy Differ in the final of the competition held in Rio de Janeiro, won the title in her third year in the competition.

Hong 10, 2013

B-Boy Mounir (France) vs B-Boy Hong 10 (Korean)

The final battle as B-Boy Mounir takes on B-Boy Hong 10 one-on-one at the 2013 Red Bull BC One World Final in Seoul

In the competition held in Seoul, 2012 champion Mounir was one of the two names that rose to the final battle. but the 2006 champion Korean b-boy Hong 10 was the winner.

Menno, 2014

Menno (Netherlands) vs Taisuke (Japan)

Taisuke takes on Menno in the FINAL BATTLE of the Red Bull BC One World Finals in Paris.

Menno from the Netherlands and Taisuke from Japan faced each other in the final of the competition held in Paris. With a 3-0 overwhelming lead, Menno won the belt.

Victor, 2015

Bruce Almighty (Portugal) vs Victor (American)

B-Boy Bruce Almighty and B-Boy Victor face-off in the final battle of the 2015 Red Bull BC One World Final in Rome. In 2015, the world finale took place in the magnificent Palazzo dei Congressi building of Rome. The American b-boy Victor, who was quite calm and confident, had won first place.

Issei, 2016

B-Boy Issei (Japan) vs B-Boy Hong 10 (Korean)

Issei and Hong 10 compete in the final round of the BC One World Final 2016, in Nagoya, Japan. Champion of Red Bull BC One was b-boy Issei, just 19 years old.

Menno, 2017

Wing (South Korea) vs Menno (Netherlands)

Two BC One veterans Wing and Menno reached the top in an extremely competitive 2017 World Final. Menno was the winner of this difficult challenge in Amsterdam

Lil Zoo, 2018

Lil Zoo (Austria) vs Luigi (American)

Lil Zoo and Luigi faced off at the Grand Final of the Red Bull BC One World Final in Zurich. Lil zoo became the winner of 2018 Red Bull bc one

Menno, 2019

B-Boy Killa Kolya (Kazakhistan) vs B-Boy Menno (Netherlands)

B-Boy Menno faces B-Boy Killa Kolya in the Red Bull BC One World Final 2019 in Mumbai. Menno became the stage for an exciting finals in 2019 red bull bc one. Thus, Menno became the champion of red bull bc one for the third time in the last 10 years.

Shigekix, 2020

B-Boy Alcohol (Russia) vs B-Boy Shigekix (Japan) faced in the final of the red bull bc one 2020 dance competition held in Austria. The winner of this challenge was B-Boy Shigekix from Japan.

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