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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Whether you like dancing or not, this symbolic first dance show showing your love to all your guests on your wedding day will be the most important show of your life. But we know that wedding dance is stressful, especially for men. This article will relieve your stress and answer the questions of those who research how to make the first dance.

What Kind of Dance Is a Wedding Dance?

First, let's start with the most asked question. Wedding dance is not a special type of dance. It is called the wedding dance because it is a symbolic first dance that shows your love to your guests at the wedding. You can dance in any type of dance at your wedding. So instead of thinking about what the first dance should be, what kind of entertainment do we want to organize would be a more correct question.

What are the First Types of Dance?

Whatever type of dance there are, all of them can be done as a wedding dance. In general, waltz, tango and slow dance are known as the most preferred first dance types. But if you are a couple who loves moving dances, you can do salsa, twist or cha cha, you can get your relatives entertained with local dances, and even prepare the first dance choreographies in the breakdance genre.

How to Choose the First Dance Music?

If there is a special song between you and your beloved, you can use this song as your first dance music if you believe there is a song that you believe is fully expressing your love. If there is no such song, you may consider choosing a song based on the type of music you like. If you are one of the couples who say we have nothing to do with music but we need to do a wedding dance, it would be best to get help from your dance teacher.

When choosing your wedding song, a 2-3 minute piece would be ideal. Note that the longer the song, the harder the dance will be. For more suggestions, I recommend you to review our 'MOST PREFERRED SONGS FOR FIRST DANCE - WEDDING MUSIC' article.

Should Dance Type or Music Be Chosen First?

There is no rule in this business. It all depends on how you want to show your love to your guests. Emotional pieces and dances if you want to share the intensity of your emotions with your guests and fill their eyes. If you want to share your excitement and enthusiasm, you should choose lively dances and songs.

Sometimes the dance moves of a favorite song can be very difficult for you. In this case, your dance teacher can suggest a dance type that you can dance more comfortably. If this happens, you can make your first dance with a slow song and have your main song set as cake cut music.

Wedding First Dance Course

If you are not a dancer couple, we recommend that you work with a wedding dance course to make your wedding dance perfect. Do not say what will happen, dear, we will swing and stop.

Many details from entering the wedding venue to how to hold your hands will be reflected in your photos and videos. For example, while you are doing your wedding dance, you may want to sing along to your favorite dance song, but in this case, you will always appear in the photos with mouth open and talking. Important tips like these are very important for the quality of wedding photos and wedding videos, which are the only memories you will have after the wedding day.

Wedding First Dance Videos

The easiest way to get an idea of your first dance at your wedding is to watch lots of wedding dance videos. We recommend you to watch lots of wedding dance videos both to learn about a lot of dance types that you cannot think of, and to learn from the mistakes of couples who have performed wedding dances before.

While doing your wedding dance, your excitement will be at its peak and it will be difficult to watch yourself from outside. That's why watching wedding dance videos will give you a more objective view and mentally prepare you for your first dance.

Mistakes Made in Wedding Dance

Your first entrance to the hall as a bride and groom is when your excitement is at its peak when the guests first see you. If you haven't studied this moment before, you may make mistakes. So the first way to avoid mistakes is to enroll in a wedding dance lesson before it's too late. It would be a mistake to try to look for a dance lesson 1 week before your wedding, do not forget to give yourself a period of 1-2 months.

You shouldn't be too serious and nervous during the first dance with all eyes and cameras on you. The way to behave comfortably and naturally is through practice.

Even if you want to accompany your wedding song, try to control yourself because you don't want to show your mouth open in photos. Another common mistake is to get excited and whisper with your partner. It will look much better if you pose while looking at each other in a meaningful way rather than speaking.

Suggestions for Couples Who Want to Perform a Wedding Dance Show

As we said, there is no rule about how the first dance should be. It all depends on what kind of entertainment you want.

If you say we should have fun on our happiest day, you can turn your wedding dance into a show. After entering the hall with slow dance music, you can suddenly surprise your guests with a crazy rock 'n roll song. You can increase the dose of fun with a mixed playlist where you mix many dance genres. Or you can burst into laughter with a show that looks like a bride and groom brawl. In fact, if you say that this much fun did not cut us, you can include your friends and prepare a big dance show.

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