Love Nikki Full Moon Dance

Full Moon Dance is a player vs player event that ran from October 28th to November 3rd, 2020.

How to play the Full Moon Dance

Team up with another player and you compete in a 2v2 style battle according to a theme to win Moon Med. The theme is given randomly over 5 attempts and the size gives 5 free chances every day. You can purchase more trials with each Diamond. The player's performance is also based on a random buff that will last over the next five rounds. You can claim rewards such as Moon Med top, in-game currency or some of the Lone Wolff and Flame costumes.


  • This is a special 2v2 event! Every 5 matches, you will randomly receive a buff which will boost either your score, your partner's score, or the amount of currency you get.

  • Each boost will also have 3 different levels which indicate how effective it is. The 1☆ currency buff will give you 1 extra currency per match, 2☆ will give you 2, and 3☆ will give you 3.

  • We are crowdsourcing rates here

  • You get 5 free tries per day.

  • You get 10 Moon Med per win and 6 Moon Med per loss.

  • You get an extra ~0.654 Moon Med per try.

  • This means you'll get a total of ~10.654 Moon Med per try.

  • You will get a total of ~372.89 free Moon Med for this event.

  • It costs 30 diamonds for one try.

  • We do not have return costs because this event has yet to return on another server.

  • All top-scoring information is from Nikki's Info and will be added to the sheet when the website is updated.

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