Ethnic Dances That Create A Different Experience With Their Music

Everyone will have a different interpretation when it comes to dance and music. Some people have the ability to dance as they feel without needing any music, while others can dance with a rhythm to suit whatever music they listen to. For example, when it comes to dance, it is quite normal to think of rhythmic body movements accompanied by music. If you try to get a little more specific and look at it from a different angle, you can also see that behind the music and dance performances, there is an attempt to explain some kind of religious ritual or a social phenomenon that belongs to society. These kinds of ethnic dances always manage to impress travelers by trying to emphasize the characteristics of the culture from which they emerge.

Among identities with different cultural dances, you can take Colombia and Brazil in South America and the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire in Africa, Kenya and Tanzania among the places you want to visit. Among the expressions of such different cultures, which are embodied by dance, there is one that you can definitely find a piece of yourself.

Courtship on Colombia's Caribbean Coast: Kumbia

Kumbia (Cumbia), known for the first time that men and women came out for courting each other, is the local dance of Colombia. It can be said that later on, it got enriched by mixing with African and European instruments and melodies. And here is the right guess: Love and lust..

You might guess that the dominant emotion during the dance is the feeling of lust that is exerted to influence the opposite sex. Although there are various statements about its origin, you can write the name of Cartagena (Cartagena) as a city in your memory. However, it may be more correct to say that the region identified with this dance in a more general sense is the Caribbean Coast.

Powerful and Evocative: Frevo

Frevo, identified with the Rio Carnival, is a Brazilian dance style. If you want to draw a narrower frame, you can take a look at the city of Recife in the country's Pernambuco State. When it comes to carnival, you can think of crazy fun. If you also feel your blood boiling when a moving rhythm plays, then Frevo is for you. Moreover, you may be interested that Frevo means "to boil" or derives from there.

In fact, this dance is interpreted as having a warlike character. The fast and powerful strokes that are characteristic of this style have traditionally come to life in carnivals, with the competition of army bands. If you want a short description; Imagine how brave men who applied the subtleties of the Brazilian capoeira martial art, together with the brisk music that a regiment spread around, impressed the gathered crowd and opened the way….

Rhythmic Improvisation: The Zaouli Mask Dance

Perhaps the most prominent feature of this dance style, which takes its name from a very beautiful girl, according to local legends, is the foot movements. You are fascinated by the fast-paced drum and wind instrument, as well as the brisk foot movements that cannot be followed by the eye.

The origin of the dance, performed by wearing a mask, lies in the socialization of people coming from the field at night by dancing in the moonlight. In the dance typical of the Guro people living in the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire, the girl mentioned at the beginning of the paragraph is referred to as Djela's daughter Zaouli.

Stepping into Adulthood: The Adumu Dance

Adumu is a dance unique to the Maasai tribe living in the Kenyan steppes and northern Tanzania. During the dance, which is used in many kinds of ceremonies, it is necessary to jump to the highest level in the most elegant way. For example, young people who can show how agile and agile they are thanks to Adumu dance in Eunoto ceremonies held before becoming a master warrior, can now choose a mate for themselves after 10 days of this activity.

One of the indispensable experiences of people with a wandering spirit, it is not known whether new ones, hitherto unknown, are added to these different ethnic dances. But who knows, maybe you may find yourself watching such a dance show with different emotions on the spot and from the front row during your next vacation.

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