Did Diana Dance? With John Travolta & 'Uptown Girl' Dance in 'The Crown'

A fairytale moment in the White House ... The dancing fairy-tale characters were the kind-hearted, graceful Princess Diana, who floated like a swan with John Travolta in her arms

Known as the 'man of the moment' in Hollywood, John Travolta is around the large marble entrance hall of the White House; While spending pleasant moments with the young Princess Diana, only 24 years old at the time, the photos of what was going on had become immortal.

The young and sympathetic Princess Diana had already met some of Hollywood's greatest stars of the time, and John Travolta, Clint Eastwood, and Neil Diamond, who she personally wanted to be invited, just in the early hours of the invitation.

He had established considerable intimacy with everyone. However, even though he enjoyed meeting world-famous stars, he was extremely nervous when it came to dancing on the floor in the middle of a hall full of people. On the other hand, as the clock was about to reach midnight, it was already starting to signal that the main event of the night would happen ...

Travolta, then 31 years old, was a somewhat flirtatious gentleman.

He thought it would be harmless to be a little flirtatious, as he also received a personal invitation from the princess. After seeing Diana dancing with her husband Charles, she decided to flirt with her on the dance floor.

It all started when Travolta, noticing the princess's nervousness, approached her gently. Travolta expressed that moment as follows; "In the middle of the night, I had to tap his shoulder lightly and say, 'Do you want to dance?' I asked..."

Fortunately, Diana accepted the Hollywood actor's offer.

Travolta wore a black suit and Diana wore a midnight blue velvet 'Victor Edelstein' gown. The princess's delicate neck was adorned with a necklace of sapphires and pearls that gradually became her signature jewelry. This dance of the duo was to be one of the most memorable reunions ever witnessed by Hollywood and the British royal family.

Travolta's comment about these special moments; "I put my hand in the middle of his back, lowered it a little so that it was not exaggerated, and gave him confidence that we would do well." had been shaped.

Princess Diana had nothing to worry about in the face of Travolta's suggestive and trustworthy states. After swinging in the hall with great grace, their dance was responded by applause that rose in the hall.

Unable to hide his admiration in this situation, Travolta was indebted to say a few words about how naive the way the princess danced.

“He has his own style and a good rhythm. He did a really good job. I gave him ten out of ten. "

When asked in an interview with Travolta what would happen if he could bring anything back from the 1980s, his answer was about the moment of their dance with Diana. "It was one of the highlights of my life." he spoke in the form.

John Travolta, now in his 60s, contemplates his evening with Diana, saying about the late princess: "It was the most fascinating and lovable thing on earth."

From that day on, the 'Victor Edelstein' dress became an icon and became a 'Travolta dress'. These cut dresses are still known as 'Travolta' ...


Did Princess Diana's Dance 'Uptown Girl' Dance in 'The Crown'

True story of Princess Diana dancing Uptown Girl as seen in The Crown.

Did Princess Diana really dance with Wayne Sleep? The true story of the 'Uptown Girl' dance scene in The Crown

Did Diana really dance with Uptown Girl?

Yes! Princess Diana surprised Prince Charles by applying a special routine to the Uptown Girl song along with ballet dancer Wayne Sleep - but it doesn't seem like it was intended as a birthday gift to her husband about a month after her actual birthday.

The event was a special event held at the Royal Opera House in December 1985 for Covent Garden Friends, an elite VIP group. This was an annual event featuring skits and entertainment; There was also a surprise performance by a famous guest.

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