How can I quickly improve my dance skills with these simple and effective tips? Here are suggestions for improving your technique!

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, dance classical dance, modern jazz, hip hop or any other style, check out 5 dance tips and tricks to improve and feel good about dance.


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What dancer has managed to balance or do a pirouette without falling to the ground? To be able to balance easily, follow these tips: Imagine growing up as you switch to demi-pointe, as if something is pulling you up. To keep your posture, push the ground with your leg on the floor. Also consider the center point of your body: pull your belly in (transverse contraction), imagine your belly button sticking to your spinal cord as you pull, tighten your hips.


When dancing, it is not always easy to reflect your elegance and let your body move into fluid and graceful movements. A viewer usually looks at the top of the dancer's body. To be more elegant, take care to stretch your lines and act with a natural expression. No one should see the slightest trace of effort or strain on your face. Empty your head and let it move your body, there is no need for contraction. Stop tightening your hands and fingers as if they are holding on to something: A good dancer's hands will be light. Your fingers should be firm but loose (feel the drops of water running down your fingertips). During port de bras: Your scapula should be taut, your arm should be supported “par en dessous”. Be careful not to drop your elbow, remember to keep the posture of your wrist. Good posture and tension will help you maintain a smooth, harmonious slope!


Flexibility is not an indispensable element of dance, but is highly sought after by many dancers. If you are not flexible from birth, you can gain flexibility over time by knowing your own limits with patience and care. To be more flexible, we recommend doing a special grand écart exercise. Warm up by doing a variety of basic exercises for about 10 minutes. Cross your legs ("papillon") on the floor and straighten your back by arching your back several times. Work your lower legs, do jumps and full squats on one knee. Then move on to this exercise:

Exercise: Lie on your back, legs up and lean against a wall. Once firmly seated, open your legs in a frog shape to practice the outside of the leg and splits. Maintain your position, first open the right leg, then the left. Slowly and effortlessly lower your legs.

Breathing: Take a deep breath and exhale slowly over a period of exercise. This allows the muscles to relax, fill with oxygen and stretch over time.

Safety tips: Make sure you keep your hips against the wall and your back on the floor throughout the exercise. Pull your stomach in and spread your legs apart as much as possible. Do not force yourself.

Repetition: Do this exercise once for 15 minutes.

If you already have good flexibility, wear weights like Gym Weight Domyos on your ankles. This promotes stretching and provides more flexibility!


The important thing before a dance show is to take time for yourself and relax. Every dancer has their own way of overcoming stage fright. Which is the best suggestion? What you need to learn is to relax with conscious or abdominal breathing. Breathing well and fully gives you a feeling of calmness and peace of mind. In addition, more oxygen goes to your muscles. To help you feel better mentally and physically, do the relaxation exercise in preparation for the show and when the big day comes:

Sit on the floor with your back against the wall or lie on your back

Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose

Put one hand on your stomach and exhale through your mouth by pulling your stomach in (press your stomach with your hand in a controlled manner to inhale it)

Then breathe through your nose, just bloating your belly (belly swells)

Slowly exhale through your mouth (exhale should take longer without breathing)

Repeat the exercise 3 times.

You now know 5 suggestions to improve your dance technique or feel good before going on stage. On the gala day, forget everything and concentrate on one thing: passion for dancing!

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