3 Things You Should Know About Wedding Dance

Are you and your future wife ready to show off all your skills with your wedding dance? If not, what are the professionals to prepare you for? While some couples want to throw stones for professional dancers at their weddings and stay on the stage for minutes, others try to get past this moment by simply making it right and left according to the rhythm. So which side do you want to be on?

1-What You Need To Know For An Unforgettable Wedding Dance

The first dance to kick off the night is a source of stress for many couples. However, the thing to do is quite simple: Decide on the wedding music and put yourself in the hands of a professional dance teacher.

Here are some tips for an unforgettable first dance:

● If you are taking dance lessons, find a good course 2-3 months before the wedding.

● Decide if you want to get group lessons or private lessons for you as a couple.

● When choosing wedding dance music, focus on what kind of music you want to dance to and songs that are meaningful to both of you.

If you can't imagine yourself dancing to moving music, you can focus on emotional songs. When choosing the dance style, you shouldn't forget to consider your wedding dress. We recommend that you take into account that some dance styles are suitable for wedding gowns in which you can move freely.

The most preferred romantic and dynamic dance music at the wedding are as follows:

Romantic Wedding Dance Music Genres: Waltz, tango, slow, modern dance, harmandalı

Moving Wedding Dance Music Genres: Salsa, twist, cha cha, charliston, swing, rock'n roll, break dance

● Create dance choreography according to the rhythm of the wedding song.

● Practice the first dance with your future spouse at least once before the wedding.

● Pay attention that the selected piece does not play longer than 4 minutes during the dance. The ideal time is 3 or 3 and a half minutes.

● Make a rehearsal with your bridal gown and bridal shoes if you can!

● Be careful not to talk to your future spouse while dancing at the wedding. Because at that moment, you will be taking photos that you will keep for a lifetime!

2-Always Ask Them When Choosing A Dance Course!

● Do you teach wedding dance? (Not every dance course can provide wedding dance training. So you should definitely ask this first!)

● Can I see dance videos of couples you have worked with before?

● What are the prominent dance types at weddings in recent years?

● Are there any dance types or songs that you can recommend to suit our style?

● Do you organize dance nights where we can find practical opportunities?

● Can you give information about your wedding dance packages, prices and payment terms?

● Will we be able to rehearse with the trainer at our wedding venue? Will this be included in the price we pay?

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3-How Long Should You Go to the Dance Class for a Perfect First Dance?

The duration of the training in dance courses will vary depending on which dance you choose with your future spouse, your aptitude and whether you have received any dance training before. Dance instructors state that they can learn dance styles that will not force couples, such as slow dance, more easily.

If you think you cannot spare a lot of time for dance training, it will be enough to attend 2-3 lessons for a slow dance where you can practice simple figures. If you want to learn an assertive dance like tango, you must attend at least 6-8 lessons.

With a small budget, you can make a difference with your dance at your wedding. For this, there are dozens of companies on Düğün.com that can help you. On the profile pages of the companies, you can see which dance styles you can take lessons, review the couples' sample videos and photos and read their comments. Do not forget to get price offers from the courses you like and the closest to you.

I hope we have helped you find your wedding song on the important day in your life.

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