10 Best Redbull Bc One Dancers

Updated: Jan 8

We have compiled the top 10 dancers in the red bull bc one competitions, one of the best dance organizations in the world. Red bull bc one has been going on since 2004 and is known as the best dance competition. It was not easy to narrow down the list from the great cast of dancers and we are curious about your comments and thoughts on these dancers.


Lilou (b. 1984), known by the stage name Ali Ramdani, is an Algerian-born French professional dancer. He is married. Lilou, a member of Pockemon Crew, has been dancing since 1999. He has a black belt in Kung Fu. He is a Muslim and speaks Arabic, French and English. He won the Red Bull BC One competition in 2005 and 2009. He is one of the 2 people who won the competition twice. In 2003, he won the Battle of the Year competition with the Pockemon Crew. In 2005, Lilou won the Chef Rocka award at the British Bboy Championship. It has achieved many international successes. He is a professional dancer and choreographer.


2003, 1. Battle of the Year, France

2003, 1. Battle of the Year International, Germany

2005, 1st Freestyle Session Korea

2005, 1. Red Bull BC ONE, Berlin, Germany

2007, 1st KB B-Boy World Master, Korea

2008, 1st Hip Hop Game, Italy

2009, 1. Battle of the Year, Germany

2009, 1. Red Bull BC One, New York, USA

2012, 1st Battle Cergy Original Floor, France

2013, 2nd Red Bull Beat it, France

2013, Semi-final, Red Bull BC One World Final Korea

2014, 1st UK BBoy Championships Solo BBoy Battle

2014, 1. Chelles Battle Pro, France

2014, 1. Ready2Rumble, Germany

2014, 1. Undisputed, London, UK


Neguin is former world champion from Red Bull BC One All Star and Paraná in Brazil.

Born as Fabiano Carvalho Lopes, Neguin started dancing at the age of 14 on the lively streets of the Brazilian city of Paraná, where dance is a way of life.

Neguin's approach to B-Boying is both celebratory, psychological and aggressive. Neguin, a very confident dancer, likes to stare into her opponent's eyes to communicate her win non-verbally. He uses special strategies and tactics to outperform everyone he fights, every moment, using his own style in every battle.

Skills and strategies gave Neguin an extensive collection of top-notch titles from major competitions ranging from Argentina to Paraguay and Brazil, and of course the Red Bull BC One title he won in Tokyo in 2010. Alongside the competitions, he has also appeared in many B-Boy battle DVDs, short films and commercials made in Brazil. He also toured with Madonna as a dancer on the MDNA tour.


Born in Lil Zoo, Casablanca, Morocco, Fouad Ambelj currently lives in Innsbruck, Austria. The El Mouwahidin crew is a member of Flying Steps and a Red Bull BC One All Star.

Lil Zoo started breaking up with local kids in his neighborhood in 2008 and was trained by his crew, B-Boy Yoriyas, during late night training sessions.

A super fast and energetic B-Boy, constantly smiling while on the dance floor, Lil Zoo's style is a creative mix of explosive power combinations, dynamic freezes, and crazy acrobatic moves that he performs in response to music.

Lil Zoo became the first three-time winner of the Red Bull BC One Cypher qualifier, which won the Middle East Africa qualifier in 2012 (after just four years of dance), 2013 and 2015.


Hailing from Osaka, Japan, B-Boy Shigekix is a Red Bull BC One All Star, a member of the KAKB team and the 2020 Red Bull BC One champion.

A defining moment in Shigekix's career was winning the under 12s Baby Battle in 2014 at Chelles Battle Pro in France. He'd missed out on being selected the year before, but returned the following year to defeat Lil Demon of the USA in the final. He'd lost to Demon two years previously at B-1 Saikyo Jam in Japan, but Shigekix used that defeat to help him to grow. At the 2014 Chelles competition, he was able to battle Lil Demon for the second time and beat him to take the win.

In 2019, at just 17 years old, he became the newest member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars.

In 2020, Shigekix won the Red Bull BC One World Final and became the youngest champion in the history of the competition.


Japanese B-Boy Taisuke has a unique style and his own signature move, DEF AIR.

Taisuke started dancing in 1997 under his sister's influence. He got into B-Boying in 1998 when his teacher showed him a windmill when he visited his dance club. Breaking represents his whole life and made him who he is today. He feels it's crucial for him not to get carried away by others and to also stay loyal to his own style.

He's battled in multiple Red Bull BC One events over the years since 2007 and always wants to come away from the contest feeling he's put his best effort in and left everything out on the floor.


Red Bull BC One All Star Menno van Gorp has one of the most original styles on the breaking scene today. He is a dancer with heart, explosive energy and plenty of surprises.

From the city of Tilburg in the Netherlands, B-Boy Menno is a member of Hustle Kidz crew, the Red Bull BC One All Stars and Def Dogz.

Menno has one of the most original styles on the breaking scene today - he flows effortlessly from one move to the next, using a lot of back rocks coupled with unique, seamless transitions.

When it comes to competitions, Menno has won almost every major solo battle there is, including the 2007 and 2013 UK B-Boy Championships solo competition, the 2013 and 2015 Battle of the Year and Unbreakable solo competitions, the 2017 R16 Solo competition, and the 2014 and 2017 Red Bull BC One World Finals championship competition. Menno is also one of only three breakers to have won a Red Bull BC One World Finals title twice, and he also won the first official WDSF World Breaking Championship in 2019.


Omar "RoxRite" Delgado Macias (born April 6, 1982) is a competitive b-boy from San Diego, California. As of March 2018, he has won 100 titles including the UK B-Boy Championships (2005), (2009), Red Bull BC One (2011) and Freestyle Session (2009, 2013, and 2014).

His style of b-boying led to the name 'Roxrite,' a term referring to how he always rocked right (i.e. danced the right way). Roxrite is one of three dancers from the US to have claimed the Red Bull BC One title

8. LIL G

Lil G competed in five Red Bull BC One World Finals. He has also won international championships at Chelles Battle Pro, 8 One Powermoves and SDK Europe.

When dancing, Lil G's focus is on three directions: strength, style, and rhythm. Known for her intricate, original power moves and transitions, the dancer brings with it the extreme confidence that makes the hardest moves look effortless.

Gibrahimer Beomont-born Venezuelan B-Boys started B-Boying at age 11, inspired by watching Shadow and Cannon performances. Named Lil G by his team Speedy Angels Family.

Lil G competed in five Red Bull BC One World Finals. He has also won international championships at Chelles Battle Pro, 8 One Powermoves and SDK Europe. Unlike anybody else, he has built a global B-Boys fan base that respects him for pushing his fundamental moves.


Red Bull BC One All Star and 2008 Red Bull BC One World Champion, Wing has been dancing for nearly half of his life and will battle in his fifth world final.

Wing's older brother, Skim, is his biggest influence. He watched Skim practise and was guided step-by-step through the foundations that made him the B-Boy he is today. For Wing, family and crew go hand in hand. He's deeply appreciative that his family is so supportive of him and his brother's dedication to B-Boying. Wing and Skim are also members of Jinjo crew. A well-rounded B-Boy, Wing started breaking at the young age of 12 and some of his favorite dancers were his fellow crew members, as well as B-Boy Vero, Hong10, K-Mel, Ronnie, Differ, Born, Cloud, Menno and Kid David. He choreographs intricate patterns of movement and incorporates complex combinations and flows into his dance, while including all the aspects of B-Boying from footwork to freezes to power moves.


Dancer and choreographer Bboy Junior has been one of the world's best break dancers for the past fifteen years.

He participated in the German company Flying Steps, where he participated in the Red Bull Flying Illusion show organized by Red Bull in 2013, on his European tour until 2017.

In 2014, she co-produced with Amala Dianor, a famous contemporary hip-hop dancer, with her own dance company, Even Pas Mal the Extension.

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